Self-proclaimed boss, but mostly just the assistant & stylist.



The real MVP! King of the dad-jokes, camera wizard.

About Us

As much as Lora hates to admit it, Isaac is literally the boss when it comes to boudoir portraits. It just wouldn’t be the same without him. He typically shoots 99% of the time while Lora is busy assisting with hair, makeup, outfits, & lighting. While he has quite the stash of dad jokes, he also makes sure every client feels comfortable. Our goal is for every woman to have an incredible time & feel great about doing something wonderful for themselves. 

Lora is the vision for the boudoir portraits. Fresh ideas & quirky jokes are her thing. Shy about getting your boudoir portraits taken? Don’t worry, Lora has been there, done that. How can you shoot boudoir but have never been photographed?! She’s not afraid to show you some of her photos either (if you ask real nicely)!